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                                                                                                               Massimo Bravin. Chef Executive Officer. OLSA Group.


29 July, 2016

Open Reference regarding the work of John Nuttall of JLK Professionals s.r.o with Osla Lighting.

John came to one of production factories. At a time when this factory was sharply growing and increasing output. He was to identify production flow problems (root causes) and improve the output of these bottlenecks. As examples. This he did in one department, by re training the operators in a new workplace standard he made. This halved the required loading time. In another department he lead a Quality team that reduced rejects by 30% to 45% on critical component production. This work lead to a new approach to part handling. On the production machines, and movement to the next process.

John’s experience and flexibility, also helped us with: Production planning, Logistics, 5s, and visualization. All of which saw improvements under his guidance. The daily factory management meeting was also restructure to a more Quick Reaction Customer Claim (QRCC) approach.

Later John also came to our headquarters. He gave training to our process design engineers. The feedback (through out Human Resources) was very positive.

John’s wealth of experience, and hands on practical problem solving ability. With a deep understanding of World Class Manufacturing methodology and tools. Work well with his natural people skills at all levels.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies. Massimo Bravin

Massimo Bravin Chief Executive Officer

OLSA Group