Helping you succeed in Czechia
and Worldwide


Where can we help you?

Here are areas/senarios, where we feel our experiance and expertises can help your company achive its goals.

Are you:

Managing change. Expanding, Contracting, Relocating? Struggling to find people?

All of the above can be difficult to manage. And put a breaking strain on the existing management team.

Support your team with our expertise in:

Project management.

Production relocation management.

People selection and vetting.

Green field design.

Doing/starting business in Czech Republic.

Ideal Production System for design and development.

Part and tooling design.



Struggling increase output but not able to expand because of:

Lack of space?

Equipment cost?

Poor quality?

Can lean tools help your company?

 From the basic tools of 5s, Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. 5 Whys, 5W’s 1How, 4M Man, Machine, Material, Method. Kanban.

Value stream mapping (production) Logistic system design and operation. Value steam mapping (logistics).

Medium tools Overall Equipment Efficiency. Single Minute Exchange of Dies. Theory Of Constraints. Muda Mura Muri. None Value Added Activity and Value Added Activity. Or Full World Class Manufacturing.


Are you?

Constantly Fire fighting day in and day out. No time to improve, plan and manage.

Do you need help to break the cycle with:

Team building.


Crises management.

Kaizen leading and training.


Value stream mapping (management Process).

Data management.

Visualization implementation.

Strategy planning and implementation.

Manager development.

Soft skills.

Performance measurement.

Eight causes of quality defects.

Performance auditing.

How to write/use a OPL.

How to write a LUTI.


Are you struggling to improve what you have,  in the production area?

Have you tried:

How to use the golden zone and strike zones.

Value steam mapping (logistics).

Model area management.

Sustain priciples.

Cost deployment.

How to tag. Visualisation and performance monitoring.

Work place organization.

Maintenance management.

Focus improvement teams.


Are you, having trouble with new product development?

Do you need to:

Design to cost.

Design for manufacture.

Production system design.

System Productivity improvement project and design process.

Quality Function Deployment.

Life Cycle Costs.

Information flow systems.

Implement World Class Engineering.

All of the follow tools have been implemented, in real companies. With positive reaults.

Lean tools. System Productivity improvement. QFD. Cost deployment. Brainstorming. Value stream mapping (Process) . Team building. People vetting. Design to cost. Design for manufacture. Production system design. Manager development. Soft skills. Performance measurement. Fire fighting. Performance auditing. Logistic system design and operation.) Value stream mapping (production). Value steam mapping (logistics) OEE. 5s, 5W, 5W1H, 4M. Muda Mura Muri. NVAA and NVA. How to write/use a OPL. How to write a LUTI. Eight causes of quality defects. Current production improvement. Green field design.

Information flow systems. Production relocation management. Doing business in Czech Republic. Mentoring. Strategy planning and implementation.  Ideal production system design and development. Crises management. Project management. Workplace organization. Health and safety. Data management. World class manufacturing methodology. World class engineering methodology. Kaizen leading and training. How to tag. Maintenance management. Visualization implementation. Focus improvement teams. Model area management. How to sustain. How to use the golden zone and strike zones. The theory of constraints. Successions planning.  Life cycle costs. SMED.