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John Nuttall

Heleninska 67 – Jihlava 58601 – 00420724610564 –

            Date of Birth 9.8.1958. Place of Birth Gloucester England.



Successful leader in World Class Manufacturing, World Class Engineering methodology and tools. Implementation at local, Global and Corporate level.

Diverse Company WCM and WCE application, having been personally ‘invited’ to help companies. FIAT, Royal Mail, Iveco and Unilever. By the author of WCM and WCE Professor H. Yamashina.


Professional Experience

Consultant and owner of JLK Professionals s.r.o. May 2015 to date.

Consultant on all aspects of company performance from product design to the manufacture of (through all stages) finished goods. Management individual and team training, from the factory floor to the boardroom. Systems management and WCE- WCM tools-system training and practical tool amd methodolgy implementation.

Selected accomplishments.

Double digit productivity increases.

Double digit scrap reduction.

Six figure savings in Produce development costs.

People development targets achieved in all cases and at all levels.

Companies with whom we have and are cooperating.

Hella KGaA

Olsa S.p.A


Choteborske Strojirny a.s.


World Class Engineer Leader Automotive Lighting. Support Magneti Marelli 2012 – 2015.

Established and continue to maintain the benchmark sites for this new methodology for R&D, by Professor H. Yamashina. Developing its scope and impact across the whole product development process. Reducing lead times and costs, while improving quality. Simultaneously, creating the conditions for sustainable innovation

Selected accomplishments.

Reduction (in months) of development lead times.

Savings (in millions) on B.O.M.s for innovation projects.

Quality, Cost and Delivery frontloading into the development process.

First ‘meaningful’ R&D cost monitoring systems.

Creation of a new management development system for pre development.

Companywide introduction of product planning and a department to make it.

Education and development at Vice President level to ensure their ongoing support for the new methodology.

Establishment of the benchmark sites in the Fiat group.

Expansion to regional R&D centers North America and China.


Corporate process development manager (worldwide) Automotive lighting. 2009 – 2012.

Global Leader World Class Manufacturing, Early Equipment Management and related pillars 2009 -2012.

First holder of this position. Massive alignment needed, as the division is made up of companies from many different sources.


Selected accomplishments.

Instilled uniform standards for all processes worldwide.

Set the standard format for Capex within the company. And, subsequent double digit reduction in capex requests.

Oversaw (in person) the evaluation –development and support of all site engineering managers and EEM pillar leaders.


Automotive Lighting Jihlava.

World Class Manufacturing Pillar leader Early Equipment Management Jihlava. 2008 - 2010.

Head of Assembly Engineering Automotive Lighting Jihlava. 2007 - 2009.

Head of new projects Automotive Lighting Jihlava. 2005 – 2009.

New project leader Automotive Lighting Jihlava Czech Republic. 2004 – 2005


Selected accomplishments.

Established team orientated new projects department. That from the customer’s point of view went from “avoid this site” to Supplier of the year (Honda) and preferred choice for new projects. Mercedes, BMW, Skoda.

Transformed the assembly shopfloor to a World Class Manufacturing environment.


Production and photometric Engineering Automotive Lighting. Cannock England. 1998 -2004.

Redesigning of Assembly cells to one piece flow concept.

Implementation of new factory layout and Logistics.

Development design and implementation of new inline photometric testing and equipment.

Single point of contact worldwide for Cannock customers regarding photometric issues.


Selected accomplishments.

35% Assembly capacity increase.

40% logistics cost reduction.

Form our biggest customer claims to zero photometric claims.


1974 – 1998

Engineering Manager Bee Mouldings Ltd.

National Service Manager Metalmeccannica s.r.o

Works Manager UB Plastics Ltd.

Plastics Divisional Manager Russell Tiles Group.


Education & Credentials.

Mechanical Engineering Degree. Bolton England

Post graduate Diploma. Manufacturing Management. Coventry University/Dunchurch Management Collage.